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Bicycle NSW Spring Cycle

Bicycle NSW Spring Cycle

Whether you are a beginner, a regular rider or a lycra lover – the 2017 Spring Cycle has the ride for you!

Join us for the 10km Sydney City Ride, 50km Classic Ride or the 105km Challenge Ride and experience the magic of the city and greater Sydney by bike.

Coleman Greig Challenge 2017

Coleman Greig Challenge

The 2017 Coleman Greig Challenge is an opportunity for businesses to get fit, have fun and give back for a worthy cause.

The Challenge comprises either a  2.5km walk, 5km or 10km run or an A or B grade cycle in beautiful Parramatta Park on the 20th of October.

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27%  Preschoolers
10%  School children who are blind or have low vision
19%  School children who are deaf or have hearing loss
16%  School children who have sensory and additional disabilities
15%  RIDBC Community Support Services
2%  RIDBC Jim Patrick Audiology Centre
11%  Professional education and research in RIDBC Renwick Centre